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Scraped Resin

Maximus Overkill - Razor Sharp Remix edition
Hand cast and painted 3.75" resin figure on custom cardback
Signed edition of 1

Scraped Resin Like Cobra villain Dr. Mindbender raiding the tombs of history’s greatest warriors, I repurpose the DNA of my favorite toys to create something that transcends original pieces.  Glorious plastic mutants, built from the familiar toy language established by ’80s toy companies, infusing the familiar plastic of my youth with ’90s nostalgia, hip hop music, and Mexican culture.

Maximus Overkill has been trapped in my imagination since I first watched Maximum Overdrive on VHS.  That murderous diesel was so bloodthirsty, sporting a giant, plastic smile the entire time, it made me imagine a post-credits scene with Megatron recruiting him for the revolution.

IG @scrapedresin