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Green Plastic

Universal Reading Partner
Hand cast 3.75" resin figure on custom card
Signed and numbered edition of 6

Green Plastic (Andrew Geddes) was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1981. My family has been involved in different facets of teaching, design and art making. I studied Art Education at Ohio University and have been teaching Elementary Art since 2004. Previous to creating kit-bashed inaction figures I had developed a geometric, small-scale almost architectural aesthetic. Much of the work I now refer to as “Terrain” came to be from a keen interest in the utilitarian and pedestrian design found in dumpsters, product packaging and color-coding systems. While my preferred materials were basswood cut and milled from a table saw and coated with latex paint, I always had an interest in working with resin. My father Stephen Geddes was a toy sculptor for companies such as Kenner, Hasbro and Am Toy (American Greetings). Through many phases of my childhood I was fascinated with the toy production process. The seemingly arbitrary role of color used in test shots and prototypes inspires and informs most of my work, both figurative and architectural.  It wasn’t until I met Noel Conrad at his former brick and mortar store Novelty Haus that I saw art toys as a tangible medium I was anxious to explore. I was exposed to a new art scene with endless possibilities. My ambition is to leave viewers and collectors with the flexibility  to interpret my work in their own terms and create individual narratives. Follow me on Instagram IG @greenplastictunnels