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Mark Bryan

First Contact
Limited edition Giclée print
16” x 20” framed
Last of the Clowns
Limited edition Giclée print
16” x 16” framed
Robot Girl
Limited edition Giclée print
11” x 14” framed
Mark Bryan

For me, painting is free and ready access to the subconscious, like dreaming while awake. Except for my political work, I don’t spend a lot of time planning my paintings. One image seems to lead to another like going down a corridor and opening doors to see what’s there. I try to allow the pictures to make their way to the canvas on their own, often changing them significantly as I work. Not knowing where they will end up makes the process fun and intriguing.

I believe all of us have endless landscapes to explore within ourselves. Probably artists are more inclined to go to these places and remember what they see. We take our sketchbooks with us and bring back pictures to show our friends. Hopefully these pictures say something about all of us.