Paige Moon, Ace Hotel Palm Springs 2016, 2017, Acrylic on canvas

Unvarnished Truth

April 8 to August 19

Images tell stories. They unfold and reveal themselves to us. We take imagery in, unpack it, organize it and fill in the blanks and the fuzzy spaces. At the same time, we add our own thoughts, connecting them to our own memories, collaborating with the mark maker to create something that speaks to us. The artists in this show are strong storytellers. Punches of color, or lack thereof, are thoughtful and confident. As we search and scan the surfaces, we’re taken on a journey using a series of fierce strokes, of bits and globs and treated surfaces that, when combined, become something else. They become stories — nature, people, dreams…, captured moments that slowly swirl and draw you in. The works in this exhibition incorporate humor and straight talk. A lot of them are quiet stories. Such is the case with the works of Paige Moon; her obsessive imagery and attention to detail encourages your eyes to scan the stylized rooms and landscapes she has created for us, searching for narratives. Poul Lange‘s collage pieces are simple and poetic, altered images from the past, reimagined and presented as new stories. The works of Celia Jacobs and Kozyndan are like frozen thoughts and Jeff Soto brings back memories and ghosts from the past, reminding us that they always surround us. Martha Rich makes work that is direct and in your face, bold and with no apology, while Mark Dean Veca delivers psychedelic swirls of modern pop. Ryan Heshka’s works are mysterious and haunting, his sense of humor adding to the pulpy genre he pays homage to. Together they unite to form an unvarnished truth, individual stories working as a whole.

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About sp[a]ce

Three years in the making, sp[a]ce is a Kunsthalle project for showcasing the work of progressive international artists.

With an environment created by Corsini Stark Architects, the exhibits are complemented by a vision of architecture that reflects a seamless integration of building and site, form and space, light and material, and style and use. 

Located in beautiful Old Pasadena, sp[a]ce provides a venue for discovery, interaction and inspiration.



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