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Tim Biskup

Holy Mountain
Graphite & Acrylic Polymer on Canvas
102" x 156.5"

Serpent Language
72" x 48"
Graphite, Construction Paper and Acrylic on Panel

Tim Biskup is a Southern California artist whose practice is focused mainly on abstract and figurative painting, but extends into sculpture, printmaking and music. He studied fine art at Otis/ Parsons before entering the animation and illustration industries where he honed his technical skills. In 1999 he gathered a community of artists and began hosting live art auctions at bars around Los Angeles. He quickly found an audience for his personal work. His complex color and design theories pushed forward a decidedly populist aesthetic, which has continued to develop and morph over the years.

“Above/Below” reveals a lot about my state of mind lately. I’ve been seeking calming experiences more than ever. Maybe because I feel like the world is so stressful. I want to adjust spaces so that people feel comfortable when they come in. By following my intuition and creating the installation slowly over several months I’ve let the experience happen naturally. The result is somewhere between an abstraction of scuba diving and a trip to a psychedelic cathedral. Take a deep breath and enjoy.

See more of Tim’s work from his “Above/Below” installation at sp[a]ce gallery here.