Forget What You Know

October 1 to December 31

Ayzenberg sp[a]ce is proud to announce its second exhibition, Forget What You Know, with participating artists Ako Castuera, Alex Gross, Brooks Salzwedel, Jason Holley, Maria Rendon, Megan Whitmarsh, Sally Deng,Gary Taxali, and Hollis Hart.

The artists in this follow up exhibition at sp[a]ce range from abstraction to narrative storytelling to graphic symbolism and photography. Through a variety of mixed media and scale, the works each hold their own bold voice and once again help transform sp[a]ce into a unique and inspiring experience. As stated unvarnished through Gary Taxali’s painting of the same name, Forget What You Know urges us to reimagine and perhaps alter our often rigid understanding of how things are or should be.


Mark Todd


Ako Castuera
Alex Gross
Brooks Salzwedel
Jason Holley
Maria Rendon
Megan Whitmarsh
Sally Deng
Gary Taxali
Hollis Hart


sp[a]ce is a non-profit project
organized to benefit

About sp[a]ce

Three years in the making, sp[a]ce is a Kunsthaus project for showcasing the work of progressive international artists.

With an environment created by Corsini Stark Architects, the exhibits are complemented by a vision of Architecture that reflects a seamless integration of building and site, form and space, light and material, and style and use. 

Located in beautiful Old Pasadena, sp[a]ce provides a venue for discovery, interaction, and inspiration.



Open 11am-5pm Saturdays and Sundays
September 30 through December 31

Parking area located at the west side of the building. Enter through doors adjacent to parking area at:
Ayzenberg Parking and Entrance

39 E. Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91103

In addition to parking provided next to the Ayzenberg facilities, additional free 90-minute parking is available in the public underground lot on Raymond Avenue just south of Walnut Street.